For now i like to talk about one of important element in life which known as "FIRE". Let me start it with colour symbol. For fire, the colour symbol is red; a represent of heat, energy, spirit, brave, power, anger, either destruction. Oftenly, fire is used to represent to bad thing (based on some religion believe that devil and hell are created from fire ). Yep it's an undenieble logic that fire's characteristic is primaryly hot. An accumulative and uncontroled heat produced by fire could burn any form among it. In physic theory, every particles an molecules movement produce heat, and every movement means a transformation from a stable structure to a dynamic and unstable structure. That's make a logic why most of us relates fire with destruction. But wait, fire is not always a bad thing..


Not a Direction

i'm the wind, not the direction
there was no trace of trail
my breath.. erase it
i would not stand


The Wind

The wind howls through the hills like a ghost from the past.

It's really an invisible thing we cannot see.



Alhamdulillah.. Finally i can complete this short article in the middle of my tight and sexy programs . I'm sorry if i can't do some visit to your site for a while. I like to continue my previous article of basic natural element. Now, let's talk about EARTH. We usually mention it as dust, sand, soil, or land. In short, it's also associated to a solid thing.
    When there is a question "where is earth?" The common answer is "here" (by pointing the finger to the land they stand). Yep, as a GOD's legged creature, we stand on a land, no matter when we are inside a building or an open environment. In fact, most building are built by earth in many form as sands, stones, cements. Dust is also a form of earth, precisely the smallest. By some long natural proccess, dust gathered as soil, soil become land or stones, and the hardest form is rock. We can see about the unity matter here.


My First Tag Job

   I got this job from miawruu (AKA kucing tengil) a few days ago, honestly i still don't know what tags are for but i like to complete it. Sorry for my late, i've been too busy tryin to achieve my goals.