a Song which always make me cry..

  First time i've heard this song was when i'm in elementary school (sorry i forget the grade ). At the time i have no idea what the meaning of this song. I had just realized that there is a deep meaning in this song when i'm in senior high school. This song was created and sang firtsly by Iwan Fals, one of best musician in Indonesia.


Yin Yang

If there is only white, we would never know black.
Life will be so flat if there are only men or there are only women.
Truth exists beside lie.
Guts can also came from fears.
A success will be meaningless if we never face failure.
When there are two identical magnetic poles, they will only reject each other.


This is My December (Evaluation Phase)

  December, what is in it? For me, december is always special no matter what it's year, not just a month of rain and snow. Neither just a closing month of year. In most company (CMIIW), this month is a moment when annual evaluation has been proceed.
  December 2K9. This moment is so special me, first thing first; it's my month of birth. Another special moment is it's also a closing month of 1430 hijri.
Happy new year for all muslim on the earth



  Have you ever fail ? Haha.. it's just a simple question isn't it? What if you were asked "what will you do with failure?" The answer could be very various, depends on each person condition and personality. Failure is not something to be affraid. On every effort we do there always be two possibilities : Success or Fail. I've read a good Mind Map book by Tony Buzan. I found that there is a cycle consist of 6 phases which could be a good concept to deals with many condition we may face.



    One of basic and important thing in this life is TARGET. Yep, target (you may called it goal) is something what we want to achieve. Should we always set a target ? IMHO : yes, When we knew what is our target, we can make some plan, collecting resource, and execute some actions to fulfil it.


Easier to run ?

"It's easier to run
replacing this pain with something numb..
It's so much easier to go
than face all the pain here all alone.."

Yep, that was some phrase of Linkin Park's song named Easier to Run. I guess you knew this song, if you don't, try to find it using some search engine..


My First Blogging

After months, i decide to start creating my own blog. Why i do this? I think i need more space to write what in my mind and publish it for world.