One of basic and important thing in this life is TARGET. Yep, target (you may called it goal) is something what we want to achieve. Should we always set a target ? IMHO : yes, When we knew what is our target, we can make some plan, collecting resource, and execute some actions to fulfil it.

    Target might be divided into two levels : Main Target and Sub Target. It's not always necessary to divide, for some simple case it just need to define only for main target.
    Main target is the primary, it's based on what we really want, what we really need, what we always dream for. Defining the main target is very important and crucial, because it will affect to all of the next step we should take. Sometime, it's very hard to define the main target when we were in hollow, sorrow, and godamn desperate. (let's take a deep breath.. whoosaah.. i'll talk about those condition in other time)
To define the main target, we were not always should to thinking and staring hardly. All we need is relax, record anything crossing in our mind, and consider the priority. Once those done clearly, we can head to the next step : planning and collecting resource. Every plan is always required resource support. Resource i mentioned here is not always physically item, it could be data, information, behaviour, trends, chance, and many else. What we should do after? MOVE ! do what you've planned and don't wait any miracle.
    What we've planned could make some sub target to support the main target. Sub target not always came when we make plans, sometime it's came after we execute and face some alters which required adjusment. In this phase we could (sometimes) feels hesitate and wondering, "is my plan fails ?"

Yep, that could be, we should realize that human can only plan and try, but decision is GOD's. Don't give up ! evaluate the failure, make some adjusment and new plan, and don't forget to pray

(sometime we forget about it) for best result. Consistence, pray, and sincerity are always required to achieve the target.

So, have we set the target?