Have you ever fail ? Haha.. it's just a simple question isn't it? What if you were asked "what will you do with failure?" The answer could be very various, depends on each person condition and personality. Failure is not something to be affraid. On every effort we do there always be two possibilities : Success or Fail. I've read a good Mind Map book by Tony Buzan. I found that there is a cycle consist of 6 phases which could be a good concept to deals with many condition we may face.

  The cycle was used to called T.E.F.C.A.S. formula. Referring to the book, this formula was based on the natural way to learn. Have we still remember when we first learn to ride a bike ? let's go back to our childhood memories. First thing to do is Try, even with some doubt and hesitate at first :). We usually keeping try and try even though we fall off, scrape our knees, hands, elbow, and sometime injured worsely. Why we did those? because we want to ride the bike like the others, we know it can be done because other kid can doing it. On every time we try, there is always one or some Event as a consequence of what we've try. With every event come Feedback, an awareness of what we've try and the consequences. Once we got feedback, we usually Check is our goal achieved or not. If the goal is not achieved, evaluate what we've done wrong in previous trial, and then plan some Adjustment for the next trial. After a consistence and better effort, we finally could achieve the goal Successfully.
  I saw TEFCAS is a natural way to achieve goals. It required strong intention, diligence, consitence, and patient. Perhaps, in some case or person, this formula might took longer time before success is achieved. I still remember  when one of my basic programming lecturer said "more bugs are better" Yep, more bugs i've got gave me some feedback and enthusiasm to code better.I'd like to say that TEFCAS is based on experience (combined from T, E, F, and C). Success achievement is depend on how we react on E, F, C and how high is our intention to do A and re-T .
  Let's assume that a success was achieved. What should be next..? Any suggest ?