Easier to run ?

"It's easier to run
replacing this pain with something numb..
It's so much easier to go
than face all the pain here all alone.."

Yep, that was some phrase of Linkin Park's song named Easier to Run. I guess you knew this song, if you don't, try to find it using some search engine..
Well i'm not trying to discuss the song, it just remind me about people i've saw. This song told about a people whose stuck on their problems and bad memories.
AFAIK, when people face problem there are three possibilities :
1.Keep the problem by their selves, won't let other to help and deal it with everything they got.
   Good point : they will not burden the other with their problem.
   Weak point : when they can't stand anymore, they could going to something worse.
2.Always share the problem to other and wish some help.
   Good point : they have always can trust other, and deal everything as a team.
   Weak point : some secret or forbidden may leak.
3.Try to deal it by their self, but when every effort fails they will find some help.
   Good point : open minded, could deal as a team when required without burden any other.
   Weak point : some people took a longer time to realize that they really need help, the solution could late.

so.. which one are you..?

sometime we need to run and release every burden for catching some new breath, new spirit and go back to deal any uncompleted..